Monday, December 31, 2012


Here are way too many of my favorite memories and photos from the year.

Secret things in new places with this dude.

Road trips & dog park dates with my boys.

Our fabulous wedding.

Atlanta to Asheville to Charlotte to home with Monique & Malakai // New York with the family.

Delaware with Monique // My beautiful girl.

Next generation of sister BFFS // The funnest people in DC.

Lady loves in Philly // Philly in the Summertime. 

In the mountains // My favorite sleepover.

Weekend in Durham with my lovelies.

Dominican Republic.

Autumn was amazing this year and the spot at the end of my street was my favorite.

Being a vampire // My (second) favorite family being reunited.

My favorite people from Austin coming to visit.

I enjoyed complaining about 2012 but it was actually full of really fucking great memories. I did so many things, went on so many road trips, spent SO much time with my sisters and babies and had so many awesome lady trips. 2012 was definitely the year of ladies and babies. Something tells me 2013 will be quite similar, with a little more emphasis on my own little family. :)

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