Saturday, April 6, 2013


We're in the process of moving again! No where particularly fun this time, just a few miles down the road, BUT this will be Our Home for the next several years, which is something completely new to me. Since moving out six years ago, I have moved ELEVEN times. A few of them were just for a month or so, but still.. that is just dumb. Really dumb, considering how annoying it is to move. 

I'm kind of terrified to commit to living somewhere for a few years since I get so bored of places so quickly - what's up with this water pressure? Did this closet get smaller? Why don't we have a giant back yard? - are things I usually complain about after a few months. WELL NO MORE, SARAH, because this time I'm locked in and being a grown up and learning how to commit. I mean, this is a house that we picked with having a real human child in mind, which is even weirder. 

I'm so excited though! I love moving so much, I love the feeling of change and something new and all the possibilities. I'm painting all the rooms in all the colors to wash away the memories of beige walls and beige carpets of past apartment living. There's tons of windows and natural light and a sunroom (not technically but that's what I'm calling it) which I'm filling with plants and plants alone. There's a big bathtub under a big window where I'm going to spend my life when I'm not on the deck in my hammock that will be bought immediately. There's a backyard for Oliver so I don't ever have to put pants on to let him poop in the morning. GLORIOUS.

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  1. I am sooo beyond excited for you guys. I cannot wait to see your new home & hope that many game nights and fire pit hang outs are in our future. Congratulations to both of you on this new adventure in your lives.

    Ps I'm glad you'll still be so close :)